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About Us


The Sticks web series was created by a couple of writers, Laurel Brown and Matthew Buza. In addition to a shared passion for writing weird stories, they both thought it would be cool to make TV in the wilds of the rural Pacific Northwest.

Before The Sticks, however, Matthew and Laurel took very different paths.

Laurel spent her early adulthood bouncing between Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and the African nation of Tanzania. Having ditched an academic career (but not before earning a Ph.D. from Columbia, so refer to her as Dr. Brown, if you please), Laurel covered television as a reporter for online magazines over the course of five years. Now she wants to make television instead.




Matthew began his professional life as a software program manager before ditching that glamorous lifestyle in favor of writing novels, running a small farm, and being a stay-at-home dad to a young daughter. He now spends his days watching children’s programming on Netflix and writing thrillers during naptime.

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