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Kickstarter Funded!

Project Update!

Our Kickstarter has funded and we are deep into the production schedule and finding actors and locations to shoot. Keep tuned to our page for more information and production updates!

The Sticks – A Horror-Comedy Web Series for Kids

It’s hard enough to move out to the middle of nowhere. But add in a monstrous threat, and three young teens will need to become heroes to save the day.

Casey Jamison’s new home is in the middle of nowhere. The only horrors she anticipated involved changing schools and having no one to hang out with. Little did Casey know that monsters waited in the woods… and that she and her friends might be the only ones who can stop the dangers of The Sticks from taking over the world!

The Sticks is a short-form web series with season 1 coming to the Internet in the summer of 2017. With its mixture of comedy and horror, The Sticks is aimed at younger audiences (8 and up).

If season 1 is a success, we’re planning for The Sticks to be a three-season, serialized show. Later seasons would be produced and released within the coming year.

Why The Sticks?

Finding good entertainment can be tough when you’re too old for kiddie TV and too young for the rougher teen fare — The Sticks aims to fill that gap. The show’s heroes are between the ages of 11 and 14. Its villains are adult monsters who will probably take over the world if the kids can’t stop them.

Fans of Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? know that a little light horror never hurt young people. And that’s what we’re trying to do here – create an original world of monsters and heroes that appeals to both young teens and adults alike.

Who Are We?

The Sticks web series was created by a couple of writers, Laurel Brown and Matthew Buza. In addition to a shared passion for writing weird stories, they both thought it would be cool to make TV in the wilds of the rural Pacific Northwest.

Before The Sticks, however, Matthew and Laurel took very different paths. Matthew began his life as a software engineer before ditching that glamorous lifestyle in favor of writing novels, running a small farm, and being a stay-at-home dad to a young daughter. He now spends his days watching children’s programming on Netflix and writing thrillers during naptime.

Laurel, meanwhile, spent her early adulthood bouncing between Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and the African nation of Tanzania. Having ditched an academic career (but not before earning a PhD from Columbia, so refer to her as Doctor Brown, if you please), Laurel covered television as a reporter for online magazines over the course of five years. Now she wants to make that television instead.

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