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What’s the money for?

Turns out, it’s expensive to make a TV show — even a short-form show intended for the low-budget, web-series world!

About one-third of what we make in this Kickstarter will go directly to the actors appearing in The Sticks. They’re professionals, working and sharing their talent, so all those in major roles will be paid for their performances. Not only does this show respect for acting as a craft, but it means that we can have the most talented people available to bring the show to life.

Another third will go into production costs. The Sticks will primarily be filmed on-location in Arlington, Washington, with costs kept to a minimum by using existing locations for sets. But we still have a few expenses that have to be covered. Portable toilets and monster slime ain’t free!

The final third of what we raise will go back into the campaign — Kickstarter costs and donor rewards. We have to share, after all!

We are aiming to get the first round of Kickstarter rewards — the postcards — out before production begins. T-shirts, comic books, and novels will be shipped to backers during the post-production period. DVD editions of The Sticks will have to wait until the show is done!